New Here

So, I’m new here.  But trust me, it has been a long drawn out thought process to making my mark into the blogging world.  I have something to say, I always have something to say, but as it turns out, there are not a lot of people around to hear or even care about what I (or anyone for that matter) have to say.

In a world where it seems as if everyone has an opinion. An outspoken, sometimes belligerent, opinion on every single less than important part of mankind. Where is it that one can go to speak their seemingly important view on topics?  I chose here.  I chose to ignore that feeling in my gut that tells me to just keep quiet, to not stir up the emotions and disappoint both the people you care for, and the ones you don’t even know.

I live a life that i’d never had expected.  Away from the scenes and people that i’d had always dreamed would be near.  I love my life, every unexpected, random moment of it mixed in with the routines of being a responsible adult.  I married the man who was never part of those dreams.  I always figured I’d stick to the bad boys, the adventurous city boy who never settled down.  But what I got was even better.

I married the one person who has ever made me feel safe.  Safe to speak my mind, have an opinion and live my life freely without worry that he would be gone the next day.  Safe to have children and not have to worry about them seeing an argument that ended in mom (or dad) leaving for awhile to calm down.  I married the one person I never dreamed I was good enough to have.  I married a small town man, who stuck close to home even though he had big time dreams. I married a divorcee, who brought along a child the same age as my own son.  I married the love of my life.

I married a cop.

That, was never part of the plan.


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