As I pulled into my place of employment today, I noticed our flag weeping. drenched with the rain that was falling from our darkened sky, wrapped around the metal holding it in the air. Placed at half mast for the victims of Nice, France, out flag was weeping for our country the only way it knew how.

There has been yet another attack, from our own citizens, on the very people that protect and serve our country. Yet, our flag has no room to fall any further honoring the country it represents.

Cleveland Detective Steve Loomis was correct in stating “the president of the United States has blood on his hands that will not be able to come washed off.” To try and back up the many years of neglect that you, Mr. Obama, have put our protectors through and state that “there is no justification for violence against law enforcement. None. These attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one”, is Ludacris.

This has become a WAR on our own land, started by the actions of few, but amplified by the very man who is to run this country and protect our population. The very man who has shown up to a memorial for fallen officers and stood in front of family and friends pushing his own political agenda.

I can no longer trust anyone around me, or my own leader with protecting my life let alone my children’s lives, the lives of many police officers, or members of the BLM movement. Actions of our leaders placed in the highest powers of our country are not showing that they care about anyone enough to take a permanent stance on anything.

Sunday has taught us it’s not about race, it’s a war on Law Enforcement. That was clearly defined with the the senseless loss of Montrell Jackson who lay there bleeding amongst the white officers beside him.

The flag of our country remains weeping for another country while ours is in turmoil. Is this the time we place our flag upside down, representing that we as a nation are in distress? Or what will make any of you see what is happening.

No matter who you stand up for, or what you believe.. that flag was drenched in the rain for a reason. Our country needs help. We are in distress from the inside out, people are dying to protect the people that are shooting them.


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