It’s just my old age.

Maybe it’s just my old age, I mean I am almost thirty.  Or, maybe it’t just the fact that the whole parenting thing does not come natural to me.  I have never been the mother that just fell right into the groove of showing a young mind how to progress in this world.  However, lately, something… Continue reading It’s just my old age.

This too shall pass

I know I seem flighty, and a bit stand-offish at times. I know my temper flairs, and the room around me and the souls held inside of it feel my heartache by the means of my words.  I spew them, flawlessly and effortlessly while my voice rises and falls with emotion I am unable to contain.… Continue reading This too shall pass

Elastic Nightmare

I walk into the dark, cold room.  Its 0645, and the early Sunday morning is as gloomy inside as it is outside.   In a moment, I will put on my headset.  I will say a silent prayer as I plug in the thin black ear piece connecting me to the world outside of these… Continue reading Elastic Nightmare