Self-proclaimed Pessimist

What will you remember about me from your childhood? Recently, I was sitting around the table with the most important people in my life and I was asked this very question, and  I could not bring myself to answer.  For the first time ever, I just looked around and couldn’t think of the words to… Continue reading Self-proclaimed Pessimist

Undisclosed Anxiety

I hear it all the time.  The classification of a whole generation, my generation, as being perceived as a bunch of whiny, spoiled liberals that are making huge deals out of the issues in today’s world that they just need to grow up about and stop calling foul.  In some ways I agree.  But, today… Continue reading Undisclosed Anxiety

I See Him.

I see you. I see the pictures online.  I see the days where you drive by in someone else’s car, roaming through a town you no longer reside, or work in.  I see your face when I look at my son.  I see the tears fall down his face.  I see the way you make… Continue reading I See Him.

Do Not Get Walked On

I remember deciding it suddenly.  All at once, without a doubt in my mind.  I had determined that human beings in general do way too much apologizing in their life time. The human species in general, tends to feed the need to be compassionate.  The undying desire to please people, and respect opinions has led many… Continue reading Do Not Get Walked On

Take it or leave it

In the beginning, its thrilling. The idea that you may have just captured the heart of a man whose career is million women’s fantasies. The uniform, the authority, the ability to walk beside someone who has been a pillar of respect and honor for so many who have grown up with the common theory that… Continue reading Take it or leave it

It’s just my old age.

Maybe it’s just my old age, I mean I am almost thirty.  Or, maybe it’t just the fact that the whole parenting thing does not come natural to me.  I have never been the mother that just fell right into the groove of showing a young mind how to progress in this world.  However, lately, something… Continue reading It’s just my old age.

This too shall pass

I know I seem flighty, and a bit stand-offish at times. I know my temper flairs, and the room around me and the souls held inside of it feel my heartache by the means of my words.  I spew them, flawlessly and effortlessly while my voice rises and falls with emotion I am unable to contain.… Continue reading This too shall pass