Take it or leave it

In the beginning, its thrilling. The idea that you may have just captured the heart of a man whose career is million women’s fantasies. The uniform, the authority, the ability to walk beside someone who has been a pillar of respect and honor for so many who have grown up with the common theory that… Continue reading Take it or leave it

It’s just my old age.

Maybe it’s just my old age, I mean I am almost thirty.  Or, maybe it’t just the fact that the whole parenting thing does not come natural to me.  I have never been the mother that just fell right into the groove of showing a young mind how to progress in this world.  However, lately, something… Continue reading It’s just my old age.

This too shall pass

I know I seem flighty, and a bit stand-offish at times. I know my temper flairs, and the room around me and the souls held inside of it feel my heartache by the means of my words.  I spew them, flawlessly and effortlessly while my voice rises and falls with emotion I am unable to contain.… Continue reading This too shall pass

Elastic Nightmare

I walk into the dark, cold room.  Its 0645, and the early Sunday morning is as gloomy inside as it is outside.   In a moment, I will put on my headset.  I will say a silent prayer as I plug in the thin black ear piece connecting me to the world outside of these… Continue reading Elastic Nightmare


As I pulled into my place of employment today, I noticed our flag weeping. drenched with the rain that was falling from our darkened sky, wrapped around the metal holding it in the air. Placed at half mast for the victims of Nice, France, out flag was weeping for our country the only way it… Continue reading Weeping

I saw my husband die today.

It started out like any other.  I was going out with friends, and your job continued keeping you away from anything social.  I remember the way your arm felt wrapped around me, cradling my waist ever so gently as you kissed my temple.  I smiled, and asked if you had any big plans that day.… Continue reading I saw my husband die today.


I can’t describe the feeling I get when I see her.  Its worse than when I hear her voice, or listen to your voice speak her name, but not as bad as the images that pop into my head when I think about your past. She was part of it, a very large part of it.… Continue reading Knots