Elastic Nightmare

I walk into the dark, cold room.  Its 0645, and the early Sunday morning is as gloomy inside as it is outside.   In a moment, I will put on my headset.  I will say a silent prayer as I plug in the thin black ear piece connecting me to the world outside of these… Continue reading Elastic Nightmare


As I pulled into my place of employment today, I noticed our flag weeping. drenched with the rain that was falling from our darkened sky, wrapped around the metal holding it in the air. Placed at half mast for the victims of Nice, France, out flag was weeping for our country the only way it… Continue reading Weeping

I saw my husband die today.

It started out like any other.  I was going out with friends, and your job continued keeping you away from anything social.  I remember the way your arm felt wrapped around me, cradling my waist ever so gently as you kissed my temple.  I smiled, and asked if you had any big plans that day.… Continue reading I saw my husband die today.


I can’t describe the feeling I get when I see her.  Its worse than when I hear her voice, or listen to your voice speak her name, but not as bad as the images that pop into my head when I think about your past. She was part of it, a very large part of it.… Continue reading Knots

I am not a public defender.

I am not a public defender. I do not wake up each morning, and lace up my boots.  I don’t wait for a radio to tell me the next location of some rational emergency happening in the surrounding community.  I have never sat behind a computer preparing myself for when the phone rings, calming myself… Continue reading I am not a public defender.

I Stay Up

I stay up.  Longer than you would ever dream I do.  Not because I want to, but as the months have gone on I have gained an incredible need to watch over you.  To protect you, at your most vulnerable moments.  The only time of day that you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down,… Continue reading I Stay Up

New Here

So, I’m new here.  But trust me, it has been a long drawn out thought process to making my mark into the blogging world.  I have something to say, I always have something to say, but as it turns out, there are not a lot of people around to hear or even care about what I… Continue reading New Here